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Deploy Stylish Price List for displaying your business products/services costs on your website by using this convenient and easy-to-use WordPress Plugin. Save yourself from the hassle of complex coding and perform everything quickly, elegantly and easily with one of the most versatile and convenient price list plugins available out there.

Convenient to use

Try out A/B testing till you hit the sweet spot easily, as the Stylish Price List is straightforward to customize and upgrade. You can choose from a range of different front end designs to get the best look and feel for your product/service price lists on the websites. Bid farewell to repetitive input functions and do everything smoothly and conveniently.

Drag and Drop

No need to code! The Stylish Price Plugin is trending – all thanks to its drag-and-drop feature, which lets you organize, change and customize the design in a jiffy!

Safe and secure

No more security concerns! The Stylish Price Plugin has received an A+ Grade from, which certifies this plugin's safety for your website's data privacy.

Lightweight plugin

What’s even more exciting is that you enjoy optimized speeds and website performance since the Stylist Price List Plugin is very lightweight and does not hamper its loading speed. Try it today!

Could You Benefit from This

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin?

The types of businesses and websites that could benefit this plugin are (but not limited to):

✓ Retail stores
✓ Website Designers
✓ Photographers & Videographers
✓ Wedding DJ’s
✓ Hosting Companies
✓ Loan Companies

✓ Personal Fitness Coaches
✓ Wedding Companies
✓ Party Planning Venues
✓ Any other small business
✓ Nail Salons, Beauty Salons,
✓ Tanning Salons


Price List WordPress


With over 4+ styles to choose from, you can easily customize the output look of your price list in seconds. Some styles compliment spas and salons, while other compliment restaurants.


The stylish Price list is responsive and mobile-friendly. SPL will look beautiful on most mobile, tablet and laptop devices!


You get to choose the font style, colour and type of the heading, category titles and service titles.


Some WordPress plugins make it hard for you to add their product to your page. We made it super simple with short-codes!

User Friendly Backend

Price List WordPress

Super simple one-click options to: add categories, prices, change colors, change display styles and more.

Watch this Plugin In-Action

WordPress Website Price List

Watch the video below or click on one of the sites to watch it live on a users site.

Purchase Pro Version

Price List WordPress Plugin

Stylish Price List | Single Site | Life-time License
Stylish Price List | Single Site | Life-time License
ONE-TIME FEE (Not yearly)

A WordPress plugin that helps display your price list on your business’ website, in a stylish format. Great for retail stores, spas, salons and most small businesses.
Price: $35.00
Price: $20.00

* Unlimited Price List is within reason. Some limitations of databases will vary depending on the user. Some limits users have experienced at 14 categories with 182 products.
** You’re expected to use our free demo version first to ensure the full compatibility of this plugin and your site.
If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still click the link above and use the guest check-out option. All sales are final, and the refund policy is here.

Bulk Discount
For Graphic Design Companies

If you’re a graphic design company and wish to purchase multi licenses,
we have a great bulk discount rate.
Purchase 3 licenses and receive 5 for free!

Summer 2020 Only | Special Review Price | 50% OFF

We need reviews, and giving away a discount code fo an additional 25% off, for the exchange, on top of the already reduced price. This means you will get SPL for $17.50 (the regular price is $35.00 USD).

Instructions: Make a Facebook review and a WordPress review, then send screenshots from our support contact form page.