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Why Stylish Price List Is The Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin?

Presenting your restaurant menu persuasively yet clearly can boost your sales, enhance brand recognition, and gain loyal fans. You can install a relevant WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin to avail yourself of some great features. 

Choosing and installing the right WordPress plugin is convenient, inexpensive, and faster. This article will discuss why Stylish Price List is the crème de la crème of restaurant menu plugins for this year. Besides creating appealing menus, the plugin offers a seamless blend of design, functionality, and user experience. We will also compare it with nine other restaurant menu plugins to show why Stylish Price List is a better choice.

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Benefits Of Using Stylish Price List


You can reflect your brand by editing various sections, colours, or font styles.

Requires No Technical Knowledge

You can create a beautiful restaurant menu with zero coding knowledge.

3. Accessible On All Devices

Your menu is viewable on every screen.

4. Well-Organized Menu

This plugin allows you to categorize items. This makes your menu more organized and easy to understand.

7. Easy to Pick Out Favourite Items

The search tab allows users to sort out their preferred items from the list.

6. Embed to Web Page

You can easily embed it on any web page by using the shortcode feature.

7. Makes your Menu Eye-Catching

You can add high-quality images to your menu, which makes it more interesting and appealing.

8. Time-Saving

Stylish Price List can help you build a price list build in minutes, not hours. This makes it a better choice for businesses that are time-bound.

9. Versatile

The plugin is suitable not only for restaurants but for other businesses like retail stores, web designers, beauty salons, and hosting companies.

10. Embedding

You can easily embed it to any page using shortcodes.

11. User-Friendly

The back-end is quite user-friendly and offers simple one-click options.

12. Security

This plugin received an A+ grade from CodeRisk.com. This testifies to our high standards of safety.

11. Performance

Stylish Price List is optimized for speed, adding 200 ms loading time. This makes it a great choice for websites optimized for SEO.

Before you choose a restaurant menu plugin, you should analyze a plugin against your specific goals.

9 Popular Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins

(And What They Are Best For)

Following is a list of the best restaurant menu plugins and their ideal use cases. In the last section, we have compared them with the Stylish Price List.

Price: $149
Rating: 4.4 stars
Active Installations: 1,000+

Orderable plugin stands out because it offers most of its core features for free. On the other hand, most other plugins require you to download their premium version to avail their full functionality. 

Packed with loads of features, it makes online ordering super convenient. The plugin works on WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, giving businesses the flexibility to design their online ordering systems. The plugin offers financial and operational independence to businesses. This makes ordering food a more personalized and efficient experience.   


  • This plugin is ideal for all the local restaurants, cafes, florists, local farmer markets, hardware stores, drug stores, and local retailers.
  • Orderable gives you flexible layout options.
  • The plugin also has the option of holiday scheduling as well, where you can easily create an off-day or a recurrent holiday schedule. This proves to be very beneficial for your business as the orders can only be placed once you are available.
  • Orderable provides a complete checkout control.
  • You can also add checkout prompts as an option with this plugin.

Price: $21 
Ratings: 4.9 stars
Active Installations: 2,000+

The plugin has several templates that can be extensively edited. You can display images, customize fonts and colours, and reflect your brand. The plugin offers several layout options, such as grid layout, slider layout, and even a WooCommerce layout. These options cater to various aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Once you install it on your WordPress site, the menu can easily appear on all devices.

A specialized feature of the plugin gives you the option of adding the title, description, category, order price, excerpt, and featured image with the food. The premium version of the Food Menu plugin has some additional features and tools as well. 


  • You can choose to display costs in a certain currency through a currency option
  • Multiple layouts are also available. 
  • There are custom metafields. 
  • A custom CSS option is also provided. 

Price: $38
Rating: Not mentioned
Active Installations: 600+

If you are looking for a plugin that offers a complete solution, from displaying items to processing orders, WP Food is the best choice. The plugin allows you to create a price list using a variety of formats, from grids and lists to carousels and tables. 

The menu is mobile responsive and looks great on all screens. The plugin allows you to create perfect online menus for your WordPress website. Display your menu online and take online orders – You can easily do this with this food ordering plugin. Food delivery becomes more efficient and faster once you install this plugin. 

The plugin integrates with all the leading page builders like WPBakery, Elementor or Site Origin. There’s also an option to set open and close restaurant times. 


  • Supports the shortcode builder
  • This plugin has compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder
  • Straightforward configuration method
  • Online food ordering, fully responsive manager, and mobile-ready.
  • Vertical and horizontal support.
  • In the pro-version, the customers and admin are notified through an email after every order. 
  • There is also an option to set a minimum order amount.

Are you ready to build a price list on your WordPress website? Try Stylish Price List today!

Price and Instalments 
Price: $65
Active Installations: 70+
5-star rating

The FoodBook plugin integrates with WooCommerce, which is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. If you are looking for compatibility with WooCommerce, this plugin is the best choice. This way, you can utilize many features available on the WooCommerce platform. It is a spectacular WordPress food menu plugin perfect for restaurants, cafés, bars, and more.

Utilize this plugin for takeaway and delivery services as well. The visually stunning layout of the plugin enhances the overall look of your food items. The plugin has specialized filter features and sidebar searches for customers so that they can find their favourite items quickly. 

This plugin has a delivery availability checker, customer ratings, and the option of picking up packages at a certain time. 


  • The FoodBook plugin includes a single-page cart system.
  • You can customize the settings easily.
  • A quick search can be done through Ajax.
  • The plugin has the availability of a delivery type selector.
  • The time selection option for delivery and pickup is also available.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.6 stars
Active Installations: 5,000+

The plugin can be used to design menus for various food establishments. From pizzerias and fast-food joints to multipurpose restaurants, all food establishments can use it to create website menus. 

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress plugin has a specialized admin dashboard with a restaurant menu page. This helps in managing multiple restaurant menus. The comprehensive tools of the plugin can easily manage menu items in the menu bar. You can easily tag every food item with these specialized menu bar tools. 

Another interesting thing about the plugin is that it has the option to enter ingredients for every food item on the display. You can even label some items beforehand. These include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. 


  • This plugin provides multiple ways of categorizing and sorting the main menu items.
  • Restaurant Menu by MotoPress plugin provides a detailed but simplified overview of the menu according to the customer’s choice.
  • You can also see a category page and a single menu item page in this plugin.
  • The plugin also includes a complete menu item presentation.
  • The plugin allows you to create a responsive menu layout that adapts perfectly to any mobile device. 

Price: $67
Rating: 4.6 stars
Active Installations: 9,000+

The plugin integrates with a mobile app that allows restaurant owners and staff to manage their orders from their mobile devices. They can even receive push notifications for new orders, change the status of individual orders, or quickly communicate with their customers. Integration with an application streamlines the ordering and fulfillment process and offers restaurants a competitive edge.  

Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin has compatibility with WPML. This plugin is an excellent choice for websites that support multiple languages.

This live restaurant menu plugin is an excellent choice for creating menus for fine-dining restaurants. You can also create cocktail lists and draft beer lists for bars and restaurants with this plugin.

The additional benefit of this plugin is that the menus created through the Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin will be optimized for Schema.org rich snippets. This proves to be very beneficial for your website as it helps the search engines to determine the content and relevance of your website, in turn improving the ranking of your website.  


  • You can add the menu of your restaurant to any of the pages using a short code or Gutenberg block.
  • There is an optional sidebar in the display, which shows the restaurant menu sections.
  • You can add a footer to each drink or food menu. This can help in branding. 
  • The plugin allows you to display unlimited menu items and restaurant menus.
  • You can even add multiple prices, according to the size of a serving, to a single food item on the menu. 
  • The plugin also has the option of creating a QR code. You can use this QR code in the restaurant, as your guests can easily see the online food menu.

Price: Free
Rating: 5-stars
Active installations: not specified

Best Restaurant Menu Plugin by PriceListo can help create versatile price lists that are adaptable not only for restaurants but also for other business types, such as saloons and gyms. Say goodbye to restaurant-centric plugins. No matter what type of business you run, you can use this plugin to create a stunning price list. 

 It is considered an ideal plugin for multisite websites. The library has five responsive templates. You can even add menu item names, descriptions, images, prices, grouping, and items for reorganization. All of this can be done with the help of the menu editor. A custom template can also be created on preference. 


  • It is not only a restaurant plugin, but it is an ideal plugin for other businesses such as salons, gyms, etc.
  • The plugin also supports the option of custom templating as it comes with 5 different types of templates.
  • All the default templates are responsive and support desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • The plugin includes an option where the food items can have item names, descriptions, images, and prices.
  • The menu editor of the plugin has the option to drag and drop the groups and reorganize them quickly.

Active Installations: 200+
Rating: Not specified 

WooCommerce Food is considered one of the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins for a variety of menu styles. Your restaurant can easily display all the food items with this plugin, and the customers can order online food from your restaurant. 

The notable difference between the WooCommerce Food plugin and other plugins is that WOOCommerce offers approximately ten menu styles. These styles include grid, list, carousel and table styles. 

It is a complete food menu, pickup, delivery, and restaurant reservation plugin for WooCommerce. You can create many food and drink menus with this plugin. 


  • A variety of payment gateways. 
  • Helps in showcasing the menu, notifying the managers, and processing orders. 
  • User-friendly interface. 

$15/ month 
Active Installations: 200+

This plugin is considered the best option for wholesale buyers. It is an easy-to-use and fully responsive restaurant menu plugin. Foodlify has a specialized feature where each item in the menu can be displayed with the name, image, price, quantity, and description. 

The visitors can also search the menu by the specified categories. This specially designed plugin has some unique features for wholesale buyers. They can easily find online food products according to their demand and then order them in bulk. 


  • This plugin allows customers to add multiple food items to their cart at a single time from their online food store. You can easily sell more products in less time with the help of this plugin. It is considered the best plugin for wholesale buyers.
  • The plugin features the easiest and fastest way of ordering food online, saving you time.
  • The plugin has a customizable front-end design panel. You can easily decorate the catalogue and food menu of your restaurant.
  • The plugin can easily create multiple food menus by creating different pages in a single area. 


Are you ready to build a price list on your WordPress website? Try Stylish Price List today!

Stylish Price List Vs. Other Plugins

Features/CriteriaStylish Price ListOrderable PluginFood Menu PluginWP Food PluginFoodBook PluginRestaurant Menu by MotoPress PluginFive Star Restaurant Menu PluginBest Restaurant Menu by PriceListoWooCommerce FoodFoodlify
Price$49$149$21$38$65Free$67Not mentioned$149$32
Active Installations3000+1,000 +2,000+600+70+5,000+9,000+1000+200+200+
Rating4.9 stars4.4 stars4.9 starsNot mentioned5-star rating4.6 stars4.6 stars5-star rating4.9 stars4.4 stars
Special FeaturesDrag & Drop Builder, 8+ templates, Responsive, Search & Filter, Mobile-friendly, Embed to PageTakeaway & pickup feature, toppings and side dishes addition, integrates with WooCommerceImage, pricing & description, multiple layouts, currency selection, unlimited shortcodesOnline ordering, WPBakery Page Builder compatibility, 4 styles, email notifications in the pro-versionSingle page cart, Ajax quick search, delivery type selector, time selection for delivery and pickupMultiple categorizing options, detailed menu overview, ingredients inputMultilanguage support, Schema.org rich snippets optimized, QR code generation5 responsive templates, supports multisite, drag & drop menu editor10 menu styles, including grid, list, carousel, tableSpecial features for wholesale buyers, add multiple items to the cart simultaneously

The comparison given above shows that each plugin has its strengths. If you are looking for a restaurant menu plugin that offers a variety of features, Orderable seems to be a great choice. Food Menu plugin stands out due to its customization abilities, whereas a comprehensive online ordering system seems to be a strength of WPFood. If you are looking for a plugin that integrates with WooCommerce, FoodBook is the best choice. 

Five Star Restaurant Menu is unique because of its integration with a mobile app. If you are looking for a variety of templates, then Best Restaurant or WooCommerce Food is the best choice. 

Stylish Price List is a clear winner because of its unique blend of features and user-friendly interface. It doesn’t have a free version; however, you can try it through the “demo’ tab on the Home page. 


As the restaurant industry is gaining momentum, the need for robust tools and WordPress plugins is also increasing. In this scenario, restaurant owners can showcase their culinary offerings with the help of WordPress restaurant menu plugins. These plugins are very convenient and pleasing for the customers. These plugins not only attract customers, but also enhance their dining experience by providing them with all the essential information. Install the best plugin from the list mentioned above and enjoy your dining experience.


First, you have to choose a restaurant menu plugin. Install it on your website, edit one of the existing templates, categorize your items and paste it on your website. 

You need to go to the settings to access the menu editor. When you run the plugin for the first time, it will automatically load the current menu configuration. You can even install the admin menu editor as a global plugin if your WordPress is set up in multisite ( network) mode.

WordPress is one of the easiest and most flexible platforms for building restaurant websites. You can easily access thousands of templates, plugins and payment methods with WordPress. 

Full-Screen Menu plugin makes the website look beautiful with a quick and easy full-screen display. It has some customizable colours, fonts, and images. The plugin has got some really interesting animations that improve the quality of your website.