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New Features

April 2024


SEO Boost with JSON LD Schema

Get a leg up in search results! Our plugin now adds structured JSON-LD schema code to your pricing pages, making it easier for Google to understand your content and boosting your SEO.


Revamped Dashboard Editor

Revamped price list management! Creating and editing your price lists is now smoother than ever with our redesigned dashboard editor. Add categories, services, and prices with ease.


Style #10's Sticky Widget Bar

Enhance navigation and user experience!Style #10 introduces a sticky widget bar at the bottom of the page with category titles, perfect for restaurants, salons, and any business wanting to boost customer usability.

Style Sticky Widget Bar

Expanded Image Support

Visualize your pricing! Add compelling images to select styles of your price lists (Styles 6 & 8 currently supported) to showcase products or services and increase engagement.


Frontend Tool-Tips

Add context and clarity on demand! Our new tool-tips feature lets you give customers extra information about each price list item without cluttering the design. Boost credibility and sales with contextual details.


Compare At Price Feature

Highlight discounts and beat the competition! Showcase sales and special offers with the "Compare At Price" feature. Drive conversions effortlessly with clear cost comparisons.

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