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New Features

June 2018

Backup and restore: you can now back-up and restore any of your lists. This is great for developers who are working on a local server for starting their client’s designs. You can move the plugin to the live site and now move your price list within having to re-enter all the information.

Extra styles: we’ve added a fourth style and we’re not done, next week it’ll look even better. The purpose of this style was to give more of a restaurant menu style look.

Line-breaking/Fluid Design: It’s hard for me to describe this feature in words but we’re coming out with a feature that allows you to choose whether some of the styles will be fluid and pile up on each other of similar break-line and go to the next column. The feature will be released on Friday, the button is there now but there are a few things left to perfect it.

Customize more: I’ve added a help section that shows how you can customize the price list even more with line-spacing, extra padding, capitalizing letters and more!

Do You Have Any Suggestions? We welcome any suggestions for future features.  If you’re good in Photoshop, you can mock-up a design style and we’ll do our best to recreate it in SPL and roll-it-out as an update